Bug & Pest Prevention

Blue Frog Keeps Your Home Pest-Free, Inside & Out

Blue Frog strives to always bring you the highest quality and the best methods. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process to control pests inside and outside of your home.

Your time and your safety are important to us. During our appointments we make every effort to create an outdoor barrier against bugs and pests so that we rarely have to bring chemicals inside your home.

We do it right the first time, so that your family and your home stay safe!


american cockroach

Insect Control

There are all sorts of insects that can invade your home- from cockroaches, to ants, and more. Let one of our technicians help you with your insect problem!

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Rodent Services

Small rodents can be a big problem. Blue Frog offers the installation and monitoring of bait boxes around the building to control the population in the area.

Exclusions: sealing entry points to prevent access


Termite Control

Termites can cause unprecedented amounts of damage when left untreated! We can help you determine what type of termite you are dealing with, along with prevention & treatment of the problem.

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Our Prevention Process


Integrated Pest Management is a unique integration of technology and prevention measures used to reduce pests and pest-condusive conditions. There are five steps in the IPM process:

  1. Education & Communication: This is where we share our knowledge and our skills with you, so that we know everyone is starting on the same page.
  2. Cultural & Sanitation Practices: Teaching you how you can improve sanitation practices around your home to keep pests out!
  3. Physical & Mechanical Control: Letting you know how you can stop pests from getting inside. For example, caulking cracks or repairing a screen.
  4. Biological Control: Targeting only the bugs and pests that are detrimental to your home.
  5. Pesticide Planning: Choosing the right product for the job and making sure to apply the right amount!


Our First Service Includes:

  • Property inspection to determine what treatments are needed
  • Inspection of pest-condusive areas
  • Application of dusts, baits, and / or gels by one of our highly-trained technicians
  • Spider web and paper wasp nest removal
  • Full perimeter inspection
  • Full perimeter treatment to prevent insects from getting inside your home


All other services will be performed as a perimeter treatment only, unless there is a need for additional interior treatment. We want to keep you and your family’s exposure to a minimum. Your time and safety are important to us!


Check out the University of Florida’s Featured Creatures for more information on pests and bugs!