Whitefly Control

Dealing with a whitefly problem?

Whiteflies are the most recent pest to hit the area. Find out how we can help.

Whiteflies are dangerous pests, and when they hit, they hit hard. Noticeable symptoms of whitefly include the abundance of white, waxy, material covering the leaves and excessive sooty mold. Moreover, whiteflies will produce “honeydew”, a sugary substance that encourages the production of sooty mold. Whiteflies cause plant decline, defoliation, and branch die back.

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Whitefly Management

IMA-jet (imidacloprid) can be trunk-injected to systemically protect trees. IMA-jet yields broad-spectrum insect control with long residual activity for micro-injection and Micro-Infusion® application through Arborjet’s injection systems. The imidacloprid molecule found in IMA-jet can provide multi-season and even multi-year control against whiteflies and a large range of insects.

Blue Frog Lawn & Bug is a recommended Arborjet vendor for whitefly control.

We also offer a soil drench treatment as an alternative to Arborjet injections.

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